10 Things
Executives Can Learn
From Football Legends



Dr. Frank Knoche|Executive Coach|frankknoche.com


"We believe we can do it."

Carlo Ancelotti

Unlock Potential

"If you train badly,
you play badly.
If you work like
a beast in training,
you play
the same way."

Pep Guardiola


"If you think you're perfect
then you never will be."

Cristiano Ronaldo

Work Hard AND Well

"You have to work hard
AND well.

There are a lot of people who

work hard but not well."

Jose Mourinho

Decision Making

"The best decisions

aren't made with your mind,

but with your instinct."

Lionel Messi


"Take what's useful,

leave out what's useless,

and add a bit of yourself."

Manuel Neuer

Team Composition

"My ambition is that I have the best players

who can collaborate with each other
to form the best team in the world."

Louis van Gaal

Team Spirit

"You can speak about spirit

or you can live it.

We took the team
to a lake in Sweden
where there was no electricity.
We didn't eat for five days."

Jürgen Klopp

Give Feedback

"Too many managers talk too much.

The two most important words
for a player or for any human being,
there is nothing better than hearing

'Well done'."

Sir Alex Ferguson

Stay Focused

"The cat is in the sack,

but the sack is not closed.

The cat is in it,
but it's open;

and it's a wild cat."

Giovanni Trapattoni

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