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>>> some_string = '[PERSON] Len Strousand'
>>> some_string.removeprefix('PERSON') # Strict substring matching
'[PERSON] Len Strousand'
>>> some_string.removeprefix('[PERSON] ') # Note the whitspace
'Len Strousand'
>>> some_string.removeprefix('[PERSON]').split() # Chaining
['Len', 'Strousand']

Python Tip: PEP 616

lstrip() versus removeprefix()

>>> 'Arthur: three!'.lstrip('Arthur: ') # Character set recursively applied
>>> 'Arthur: three!'.removeprefix('Arthur: ') # Substring applied once

str.removeprefix() and str.removesuffix()

are standard starting in Python 3.9!

Tonight's Talk

Information Retrieval:

A simple search service

Daniel Zhou

Next Meetup

October 27, 2021

Message one of @aaron.yong, @abram, @data-get

or visit #meetup-edmontonpy on Dev Edmonton Slack

We are looking for presenters

Beginners are encouraged

A talk just has to do with Python in some way 🐍

Social Game

A Pictionary-like game


  1. Go to the site
  2. Type in a name and click CREATE PRIVATE ROOM
  3. Share the Room URL with your table
  4. Use your table for localized banter 😄
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