Library technology trends 

Or, What I learned at the 2017 Fall CNI Meeting


Emily Singley

January, 2018

What is CNI?


What I'm going to talk about: 


  • Clifford Lynch's summary of trends
  • Highlights from a few presentations: 
    • JSTOR Labs Text Analyzer
    • DPLA Exchange and SimplyE
    • Discovery in 2017


Top Trends for 2017....

1. Stewardship


"Both memory and science are becoming increasingly politicized"

2. Net neutrality


"The opportunities for mischief are endless"

3. Preserving the evidence


"The more ephemeral and volatile cultural record will be important evidence for scholars of the future"

4. Rethink our open access goals


"Why do we have an Institutional Repository and what do we hope to achieve by it?"

5. Measuring our progress


"Do we have any idea how we are doing?"



6. Annotation



7. Containerization

8. Linked Data

9. 3D objects and Augmented Reality

10. Two things that could change everything:

Quantum computing

Blockchain technology


"We could suddenly find ourselves in a very unstable situation"

What I learned at three different sessions...

DPLA Exchange and SimplyE


David Millman, NYU

Robert Cartolano, Columbia

James English, NYPL

Michele Klimpton, DPLA


DPLA blog post

DPLA exchange

JSTOR Labs Text Analyzer


Alex Humphreys, JSTOR

Barbara Rockebach, Columbia

Discovery in 2017 - where are we now and where do we want to be?


Michael Norman, University of Illinois

Roger Schonfeld, Ithaka S&R

Eric Frierson, EBSCO



56% of searches are for known items


"Delivery is discovery"

EDS - taking discovery to the next level


Amazon-like fulfillment:

  • "How do you want to get a hold of this?"
  • "Estimated delivery on Wednesday, January 17th"
  • "Or free through your interlibrary loan service - get it by February 1st"
  • "Pick up at the library today between 8am and 5pm"




Ask Alexa

"Alexa, ask my library for articles on water shortages..."





Canvas integration

Ability to search for Library resources from within Canvas

...and add them to faculty reading lists






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