Important Considerations When Choosing Which Type of Epoxy Floor Your Home Needs


Environmentally friendly

A flat concrete floor can last for decades and be used as a stepping stone to other floors and features in the building. The polished concrete in Edmonton surface allows light through, which means you can see your surroundings, even at night time.

Flooring for basements

It is a common problem that basement flooring is not done in a very professional manner. In order to solve the problem, it's necessary to consider the possibilities of water or sewer flooding from heavy rain.


The polished concrete in Edmonton is constructed using modern day techniques that are not only safe, but also avoidable. When you walk on it you would never think that there is anything wrong with it. The polish ensures your feet will not slip because of its texture or slope.

Concrete Repair in Edmonton

Concrete is a material that is widely used in building, road construction and other infrastructure projects. It is robust and can withstand harsh conditions for long periods of time. Concrete can be easily repaired with professional equipment when it gets damaged. When it comes to handling cracked concrete or concrete repair in Edmonton, there are different ways of dealing with it depending on the current state of the ground that the concrete rests upon. If it's just a small crack, you can repair it yourself by filling in small gaps between pieces of cracked cement with lime mortar. However, if you have to crack new pieces of broken pavement, you should probably hire a contractor who specializes of decorative concrete in Edmonton. A concrete floor has to be repaired. The surface of the concrete slab needs to be resurfaced, cleaned and dried before it can be put back in use.

Would Decorative Concrete Work?

Decorative concrete, also known as industrial concrete or industrial cement, is a type of concrete for industrial and construction purposes. It is made from aggregates such as gravel, sand and other organic materials for which water-soluble compounds are not required. Some of the most commonly used aggregate materials include red sandstone (anthracite) and other kinds of black shale (limestone). Decorative concrete is a highly efficient material when it comes to the way it looks. Especially when it comes to interiors.

The problem with conventional concrete is that it looks plain and boring in most cases. It does not really stand out well, unlike wood or glass windows or brick floors. However, if you are the type of person who likes to have an over-the-top look, decorative concrete might be the perfect material for you!

Coatings for Epoxy Flooring

The epoxy flooring in Edmonton coatings are made up of several different layers, each of which is designed to be placed on top of the other. The first two layers are often referred to as "finish coats" and they are typically applied over the first layer, so there is essentially no visible difference between them. The second layer is known as "paint" and it contains the colorants and other materials that will be used during the final step of installation. The third layer is known as "coating". For durable, stain-resistant, low maintenance, durable, waterproof, and environmentally friendly concrete and polymer floor systems, contact Engineered Surface System right now.

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