Hacking the story

Hacking the story


Hackathon = hackers + marathon


Creating factual storytelling prototypes


"An international series of intensive workshops that brings together content creators and technology specialists to increase understanding and broaden participation in the field of interactive storytelling" 
(see examples

  Tomorrow We Disappear 

"A feature-length documentary about 
India's last colony of magicians, acrobats, and puppeteers"

Your Hospital May Be Hazardous To Your Health


  "ProPublica and PBS/Frontline launch an interactive investigation to explore six myths about hospitals  and patient safety, telling the story of patient harm in America"

"Since 2012 POV has brought together visionary 
filmmakers and inventive technologists to “re-imagine
 the documentary for web” in a single weekend"

"The World In Ten Blocks is a first person point of view

 experience in which the user explores 

one of the world’s most diverse neighbourhoods

 through the stories of immigrant 

small business owners and their surroundings"


  "Return of the Native: Hawaii

 is an immersive iPad documentary about restored, 

rarely seen native Hawaiian forests on the Island 

of Hawaii via a coming-of-age fiction adventure story. 

The project is inspired by true stories of endangered 

Hawaiian flora and fauna told by the local people of Hawaii"

"The Hackathon DocMontevideo is a three-day workshop 

  aimed to produce three prototypes of 

interactive documentary films in

work in progress, editing or distribution stage"


"Based on the footage “El hombre congelado”, Homo gelida is an interactive website which offers a journey to the end of the world, on a military ship that crosses the oceans to reach Antarctica.

Navigating between ice and stormy seas, the user can explore the route from Montevideo to the frozen continent, by extracts from the film director's travel diary"


"Popathon is an international series of hackathon events bringing together digital storytellers, web developers and designers to collaborate on web-native storytelling projects. We are growing a community by collaborating on real world projects, bridging skills and sharing creations with the world"  ( web  

"The concept is inspired by room 101 from George Orwell's 1984 where all your personal fears reside. Room 404 (after the HTTP 404 error) is where your online regrets reside. The app comforts you that you are not alone by showing you the other people's regrets. But before getting access to the actual room full of regrets, you are first asked to contribute your own shameful experience discretely"

(Popathon in Dublin)

What history can we tell from the ultrasound 
images of babies that are shared 
every minute on Instagram?: Coming Soon

About Nacer project
(Popathon in Barcelona)

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