Wiki Loves Earth 2015

Wiki Loves Earth...

is an international photo competition. The goal of the contest is to collect free pictures of Word Natural Heritage sites, landscapes and ornamental gardening objects in order to illustrate articles on Wikipedia.

Shaan-Kaya in Clouds. © Александр Черных

The idea of Wiki Loves Earth was born in April 2012 by Wikimedia RU and Wikimedia Ukraine.

View of Carpathian National Park from Hoverla, © Balkhovitin

In 2013 Wiki Loves Earth was realized for the first time in Ukraine.

Goals of competition:

  • to draw society’s attention to the existing problems of natural heritage protection;
  • to highlight green/eco tourism;
  • to illustrate articles in the worldwide free Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects.

Stages of the competition:

  • competition hold on national level in every patricipating country (May);
  • local jury choose 10 best photos (June);
  • international jury examining all photos (July);
  • final results of competition (August).

Nominations and awards:

  • 10 best international photos of the contest;
  • best photo on national level.

In 2014 Wiki Loves Earth became international with 16 countries participating from four different continents - Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Most of countries organised the contest from 1 May to 31 May 2014, while some countries extended the contest period till 30 June, and Serbia was the last to finish on 15 July. 

Wiki Loves Earth: how it was in 2014

During the contest over 70,000 pictures were submitted by more than 3,000 participants. The national juries submitted then up to 10 pictures to the international stage of the contest. With 16 participating countries, the international jury had to consider a total of 156 candidating pictures.

Winners were determined by the 7-person international jury. Each participating country could nominate one member to the international jury, although only 5 ountries used this right. Two further jury members were added by the international organising team to increase diversity of the jury.

Jury of Wiki Loves Earth 2014

Earth 2015

Contest 2015...

...starts on 1 May and finishes on May 31...

To enter the contest, find an item or place you are familiar with from the competition list, submit a picture you have taken (past or present), and upload it to Wikimedia Commons.

The international team is working on partners involvement.


We are interested in collaboration with national, international environmental organizations, media, foundations and committees.


We encourage all active journalists, travellers, photographers, naturalists and ecologists to join competition as a participant or jury member.   


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