Plan Purpose


Mode Specific

Area & Neighborhood

Policy Plans

Required Project Outcomes

Data Driven Process

Identify needs and priorities for a 25-year planning horizon

Project list for potential PPRTA ballot initiative

Organizational and policy recommendations

Technology trends​

Updated Major Thoroughfares Plan​

Mobility Goal Framework

Create a transportation system that is more:​




Efficiently Reliable



State of the System Analysis

  • Technical Analysis

  • Public Input

State of the
System Analysis


Existing Traffic Congestion

  • Travel Time
  • Vehicle Delay
  • Intersection Performance

Traffic Performance

Social Need

  • Housing + Transportation Costs as percent of income

Social Demographics

  • Poverty ratio

Existing Travel Patterns

Travel Demand: Next Level Transit

  • Age
  • Ability
  • Vehicle availability

Transit Propensity

  • Population Density
  • Key Community Services
  • Mobility Need

Future Travel Demand

Likelihood for change (PlanCOS based)

Critical Corridors

  • The City’s primary travel corridors where improvements would be most beneficial
  • Focus of more detailed evaluation and solution brainstorming
  • ConnectCOS project list centers on these corridors

What is a Corridor?

  • The area context and potential paths for travel that connect destinations
  • Not just a named roadway

Project Development

More Information