Jack of all modules, maintainer of none.

Contribute at your own pace.

About me


  • Motivation
  • Maintaining modules
  • Contributing on modules
  • You → Find the right challenge
  • My challenge

Motivation + frustration...

Always grateful for Drupal and the community and very thankful for all the modules out there.


I always wanted to contribute more but wouldn't do it for multiple reasons (no budget, not right culture, goals set too high) so I wasn't actually contributing in the end and was feeling frustrated about it.

Maintaining module(s)

  • The idea
  • The code
  • The tests
  • The issue queue + fixing them + follow-ups
  • Keep up with security releases
  • Versions, compatibility, deprecations
  • How used the module becomes?
    • The volume of issues
    • Pressure to keep things to a good standard
  • Requires TIME


So grateful to maintainers and companies sponsoring and/or allowing contribution time!

Collaborating on module(s)

Existing modules:

  • All the previous topics have already been taken care of
  • You can focus on:
    • Discover/create new issues
    • Work on existing issues (patches and merge requests)
    • Quick wins: documentation and coding standards
    • Offering co-maintenance
  • It all helps!!


What's your expertise? What's your availability? What fulfills you more?

Setting the bar too high might lead to disappointment, but when working on Open Source code you should NEVER be disappointed, you should ALWAYS be happy and get a sense of realization, as you are helping the community.


So go and find the right challenge for you! 

Find the right challenge

My own case

What's your expertise? All-rounder-ish

What's your availability? VERY limited outside of work

What fulfills you more? Helping in any way I can

I use many modules in my day-to-day work, so I try to contribute at least one patch each month of the year


This, for me, is achievable and satisfying when I see the results and I get a sense that I'm helping back to the community.


My challenge: #12months12patches


Happy contributing

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