Closer to the Metal

BudapestJS, 2015.01.28.

Szmozsánszky István




UI Developer


Firefox OS Developer Engagement


How it all started

JavaScript growing up



  • Access to browser internals via standardized, platform-independent API interfaces
  • Standardization started within W3C in 1997
  • Requests, animations, rendering etc. demistified
  • Replacing dated API-s with new, more flexible & robust ones (eg.: Fetch)
  • Decoupling the DOM from the browser:
    bringing DOM access to node via JSDOM

Web seeps into the HW layer

  • One of the first (and to date most supported) web api: Geolocation
  • Other hardware API-s appear (Battery)

A big leap

JavaScript conquering the
frontend, backend & apps

Widespread JS

  • As node.js charges ahead, JavaScript expands and for the first time it encompasses the full web stack.
  • Front-end frameworks pop up on every corner, offering more and more native-like experiences.

JavaScript of Things

and the heralds of a new era

IoT HW meets JavaScript

  • Node on the Raspberry Pi, Arduino?
  • Jonny five to the rescue!


hardware assembly,
but without the "Assembly"



  • Dedicated hardware, running "JS"*
  • Node compatible
  • NPM compatible!
  • Out of the box hardware modules
  • Support for expansions/generic IO!



* actually it compiles to LUA, but whatevz'! :)

Firefox OS

a handful of the open web
in your pocket

Firefox OS

Mozilla's open-source, web-based operating system, now available worldwide in
28 countries and on 15 devices.

Phone to IoT
in 20 minutes

PS: please do not literally abuse phones,
they have souls you know...


never stop exploring

The odd one out:

Please meet the world's most inexpensive JS IoT hardware

Jan OS source is (of course) on GitHub!



Future of the
Extensible Web

onwards & upwards!

Laying down the foundations

Building an Extensible Web

  • Building an Extensible Web
  • Interoperability & standards focus
  • Browser vendor openness & cooperation

Join us in February!

Hear the story of JanOS
from Jan himself!

Thank you!

Any questions?

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