Big Data Alchemy


Benedikt Köhler(@furukama)


Image source: Mutus Liber (France, 1677) 

  • Context: Slides from a talk at the conference "Bridging the Gap 8" at Munich, Siemens Conference Center, 23 Nov 2013

Quantified World


Image Source: Tractatus III Seu Basilica Philosophica (England, 1618)

  • Three meanings of Big Data:
    • Technology: Hadoop, HBase, MongoDB etc.
    • Economy: Consolidation of enterprise data sources
    • Society: Living in a world of numbers
  • From quantified self (e.g. Fitbit, Klout ...) to quantified world
  • Daniel Suarez in Freedom: "Data curse" means "virtual" data world and "real" meatspace world are strongly connected

Beyond the MatriX

Pattern Recognition

Machine Learning Magic

From Silo to Data Hub

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