Writing Modern Apps with

Ember Octane

Gokul Kathirvel

Front-end Developer
Zoho Corp

Why Ember?

Octane Edition


  • Significant feature set

  • Polished Ecosystem

  • Respect SemVer

  • Signal to the vast community

  • A Happy point



  • Our first Edition

  • Moves along the JS community

  • Refreshing and FUN

You know Web Development,

You Know Octane

Yes, it may be a exaggeration!

But worth it...

Good Old Counter

Create an Octane App

 yarn add global ember-cli

ember new octane-counter -b @ember/octane-app-blueprint

ember serve
* Canary Build (Almost There) 
Current Stable Version: 3.13 / Octane Ready: 3.14


What's Next

  • Routing

  • Ember Data

  • Addon Ecosystem

  • and more exciting things...

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