Status report: MODX3 Alpha 1

The MODX3 Plan

  • Login screen
  • Dashboard
  • UX improvements
  • Extract dependencies
  • Extra added features

Login Screen

  • Customizable view
  • Advanced help button for agencies
  • Fancy background images (Photo contest!)
  • More secure forgot-password flow


  • Redesign Dashboard
  • Quick buttons
  • Recent changes widget
  • Welcome widget (to do)
  • Community widget (to do)
  • Backwards compatible

UX Improvements

  • More cohesive
  • More intuitive
  • Less clutter, remove unnecessary buttons
  • Better überbar, more customizable
  • Make the content field more prominent

Are we there yet?

Extract dependencies

  • xPDO
  • Smarty
  • PHPMailer
  • phpthumb
  • Guzzle (added)
  • Flysystem (added)
  • Emogrifier (added)

Added: Composer

  • MODX is now composer-installable
  • Install MODX through the CLI (testing)
$ composer create-project modx/revolution YOURFOLDER 3.x-dev
$ composer install
$ php ./_build/transport.core.php

Added: Flysystem


  • Out of the box support for: Filesystem, FTP, AWS
  • Flysystem supports a wide variety of adapters/sources


Flysystem brings us:

  • State of the art technology
  • Performance (yes, also for AWS)
  • 41 million downloads, 6500 stars + 148 contributors on Github

Added: Template preview

  • Improve the way clients create resources
  • Simplified dialog window to start off with
  • Preview of the template
  • Only relevant resource fields
  • Can be disabled

Added: Better upload workflow

  • No more stupid dialog windows
  • No more unnecessary queuing
  • Way less clicks

Added: New emails


  • Pretty emails (we're 2018 after all)
  • Your own logo
  • Signed with your website name
  • One CSS file, embedded in HTML-mails using Emogrifier

Added: Markdown support for extras


  • Changelog/readme and license support markdown
  • No more messing around with plain text

What's next?

2.6.4, 2.6.5 and 2.7

Which is later merged into 3.x

MODX 3 Alpha 1 is out!

Community involvement has been great, lots of testing!


More testing & bug fixing

Moving towards release

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