23. Always Use Source Code Control
"Always. Even if you are a single-person team on a one-week project. Even if it's a "throw away" prototype. Even if the stuff you're working on isn't source code. Make sure that everything is under source code control"


- From The Pragmatic Programmer

Tip 1. Care about your work

Tip 5. Be a catalyst for change


- From The Pragmatic Programmer

"George Stuff"

What is Git?

"Git is a free and open source distributed version control system"


"Initially designed and developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development in 2005 (this week), and has since become the most widely adopted version control system for software development."


Technology behind Github


Easy to learn | Easy to use

What is Sourcetree?

SourceTree is a free GUI for Git


That's about it.


It's pretty cool



Installing Git

Available for every OS


Installer available for Windows includes Git bash shell and built in GUI tool


Numerous free tools available.


Git has a robust command line interface


Original plan: do everything in the command line

New plan: Spare everyone and use SourceTree


Everything we do here today can be done from the command line

(Git bash is way better than the Winders CMD shell)



Initialize a git repo |

Stage files |

Commit files |

Create/switch branches |

Add a remote |

Push to remote |

Pull from remote |

Clone a repo |

git init

git add

git commit

git checkout

git remote add

git push

git pull

git clone

Learn Git








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