GSAP Class

June, 2016

Carl Schooff  |  |  @greensock


  • Jack Doyle: Founder and Author of GSAP

  • Carl Schooff: Geek Ambassador

  • Support volunteers and community advocates

  • Innovating the GSAP API since 2006

What is GSAP?

  • Suite of high-performance JS animation tools
  • Used on over 1.5 million sites 
  • Majority of award-winning sites use GSAP (report)
  • Universally adopted on every major ad network
  • Used by top brands:

GSAP in Action

GreenSock: MorphSVG

Chris Gannon: SVG Missile

Johan Strömqvist: Crab #5 – Bob's walking cycle

Tools of GSAP


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Why GSAP for HTML5 Banners?

Zero file size cost!





Smooth like Flash (or better)

Core Strengths of GSAP

  • It "just works"...everywhere!

  • Solves real-world problems (workflow, prefixing, SVG)

  • Excels at complex, story-telling animations

  • Runtime controls

Core Strengths of GSAP


  • No dependencies (other libs or rendering layer)

  • Plugin architecture

  • Support and documentation

  • Funded – not a side project or hobby

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