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2018, 2020 ​

This Web app/Chrome extension views medical DICOM Files​ ( for a ongoing AI project) over 1200+ chrome users !!

2018 ​

Visual Studio Code Back and Forward buttons 

(2021: 12,000+ installs !!)


[paid task] web collaborative editor to synchronize people's cursors and selected range on a document, just like Google Doc. 

demo project (not final code and no business codes): https://github.com/grimmer0125/slatejs-exp

Stack: React & Socket.io

Another paid:

design a simple architecture

& prototype

Real-time update data

Different language support

Cloud  hosting and on-premier deployments

Log collector

* Load balancer /HA is not included in this


iOS, Android apps built by React Native to daily record pet's (usually cat/dog) breath rate.

  • Monitoring this can avoid some diseases (e.g. cat's HCM) happen or become worse. Higher breath rate is a kind of alert
  • https://github.com/grimmer0125/Kiteretsu + one more web app
  • Stack: React Navigation, Redux, Redux Thunk, FB login, Google's Firebase


  1. Use Facebook account to login.
  2. Add/Edit/Remove a pet including some fields, e.g. name and age.
  3. Authorize other people to manage the records.
  4. Add/Remove a Record including some fields, e.g. recordTime, sleep/rest mode, per minute breath rate.
  5. Directly input a record or use a countdown vibration timer to help
  6. Statistics: first20Avg (baseline), last20Avg, TotalAvg,
  7. Time-series (Line) Chart with tooltips

Android play store link

iOS app store

Web: import data to view charts

Using GitHub Stargazers Distribution to Compare React, Angular and Vue


2018 TensorFlow.js'

tic-tac-toe, AI is trained by CNN (deep learning)

Taiwan house price chart


iOS, Android apps built by React Native to browse Taiwan House Price








online programming language book - learning JavaScript


-> https://lifeoverflow.gitbook.io/learning-javascript/







a web to show the average price of housing per city in Taiwan, by 3D Map


Stack: D3.js and three.js


a face finder desktop application

Select a image having someone's face, and select your folder, then it will show all images having the same face, even in sub-folders.

Stack: Docker, Python WebSocket, NumPy, Cross platform Desktop Javascript Electron app, and Machine learning Trained Face model. https://github.com/grimmer0125/electron-face-finder

Install: Download the needed docker image https://hub.docker.com/r/grimmer0125/electricface/, then

install the Mac app, https://goo.gl/5IzCUj and run it.






A package of Atom editor.  It is easy to preview your Markdown articles on GitHub Pages


Stack: CoffeeScript and Ruby. about 1000 downloads



A web to do full text search your github starred repositories .



  OAuth 2, React, Redux, Golang (server side), Elasticsearch, Redis and so on.





A Line BOT to push the information of updated special product on Apple store site (not maintained, Line API is changed).

Stack:  Node.js/Go + Heroku + PostgreSQL + Twilio + Mocha/Travis-CI*.  


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