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Locksmiths - Local Vs National 

Benefits of a LOCAL locksmith

  • Can usually provide an accurate price over the phone
  • Knows the local area so can get to your property fast
  • More likely to have the parts you need to hand
  • Fewer overheads so usually MUCH CHEAPER

Reasons to AVOID a National call centre

  • Higher prices - call centre staff costs need to be covered in the price
  • Call centre staff are not trained locksmiths so cannot estimate costs accurately
  • An 'on call' locksmith may not be local, so will take time to find your address
  • National locksmiths usually charge a substantial call out fee
  • Parts are usually much more expensive than a good local locksmith would charge

CALL CENTRE for a National locksmiths

  • Advert has multiple phone numbers for lots of different areas of the UK
  • Advert mentions 'all of our engineers/technicians/locksmiths'
  • Person on phone does not know geography of your local area
  • Background noise like an office environment

How to tell if you are speaking to a

How to spot a GENUINE local locksmith

  • Pictures of the locksmith and their van on their website or adverts
  • A genuine locksmith will ask searching questions about your particular problem
  • A local locksmith will usually be able to give you a good idea of the total price before arriving at your property
  • A genuine local locksmith will say 'I'll be there ...' and will be able to give you their name when asked

An HONEST local locksmith

  • Will keep prices low but will NEVER skimp on quality
  • Will always fit trusted brands of lock that are proven to be of good quality
  • Will give a minimum of 12 months warranty on all new parts fitted

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