Youth Esports League

August 2018 - June 2019

What is the Youth Esports League?

Similar to other after school sports programs, like the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), the Youth Esports League is designed for all  students currently enrolled in 6th - 12th grade.

How Students can Sign Up

All currently enrolled students, from any and all schools, grades 6 though 12, are eligible to sign up for the Youth Esports League at

During registration on EEZERS, simply select the team - school or non-profit that the student is apart of - and the student will automatically assigned to that roster.

If a student isn't already engaged with a local non-profit or school that is participating or the student is homeschooled, then the students can play as an individual team.

Student Registration is Free

All Youth Teams are created and associated with approved Team Managing Organizations.

Since some games played will be single-player v. single-player and some multi-player v. multi-player, the term "Youth Teams" is used for all types of game competition.

Individual Team names are defaulted to the player's EEZERS Username.

Multi-player teams are defaulted as Managing Organization name and game title.

There is no limit to how many students can compete from a certain school and organization, or how many games any individual student can compete.

Youth Teams are eligible to compete in all Youth Tournaments both online and live throughout the season.


How Youth Single Player Teams are Created

Only registered middle schools and non-profit organizations can manage Youth League Teams.

Teams managing schools and non-profit organizations that fulfill hosting requirements have the opportunity to host sanctioned tournaments throughout the season.

All schools and non-profit organizations are eligible to host fundraising events for their programs throughout the season.

League Team Registration Cost: $150

How to Become a Youth Team Managing Organization

League Team Benefits

  • All League teams are open to bring on there own sponsors to offset  cost for team registration,events,merch and other team expenses.
  • Team registration includes custom team page on EEZERS
    • Includes all hosting fees
    • Unlimited amount of team members
    • Tech support
    • EETV streaming channel
  • All teams are eligible to host sanctioned live Video Gaming events and/or fundraisers
    • ​When available, events and/or fundraisers are eligible to receive gaming equipment Support
    • Enhanced tech support during event and/or fundraiser
  • All teams are able to purchase and sell customized team apparel at discounted prices through our merchandise partner GameHedz. All Teams will receive commision proceeds from School Gaming Apparel.  

Registered Youth Teams also have the opportunity to host sanctioned tournaments throughout the season.Teams are open to charging for events as well as selling concessions for fundraising purposes when hosting events at their location.

All Teams are eligible for IGL event support but is not mandatory for hosting events. Prices are minimal and can range from $100-$300 per event depending on event size.

IGL Event support to include:

-Video Gaming Console and Monitor setups

-IGl Staff Support

- Live Broad Casting equipment & Support

-IGL Tournament Coordination support.

Youth Team Events

"Gaming for Charity "

Circuit points are awarded for every placement within each tournament throughout the year and accumulated for the individual students and Youth Team the student is representing. During the season on all students will be able to check the Leaderboard to see Youth Team  and individual rankings and placements.

After the final event of the season, NOLA Gaming Festival, all points are added up.

Individual students and team prizes and Student Scholarships will be awarded to the top  finishers in each category.

The IGL Foundation will also make a donation to the top overall  point winning Youth Team.

June 2019

Prizes Points & Scholorships