June 14th-16th 2019

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What is NOLA Gaming Fest?

For the 4th year in a row, IGL Foundation is gearing up to pack one of Louisiana’s largest venues for NOLA Gaming Festival; a three-day weekend of unlimited fun and competition! We will be bringing together casual gamers, game creators, gaming teams, youth and other members of the “gaming community”  to create opportunities for players to engage with indie game makers, artists, and keynote speakers on a variety of topics and areas of interest. There will be opportunities to compete on PCs, consoles and even table top games while businesses and organizations will have a chance to demonstrate their games, services and products with the community. NOLA Gaming Fest will be expecting approximately 3,000 to 5,000 attendees this year!

Who are we?

IGL Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, whose mission is to bring people together to learn, compete, and play. We provide educational opportunities for students in areas of Technology, Gaming and Digital Arts that are not only enriching but also entertaining. As a non-profit organization, we raise money by running events and tournaments to provide affordable STEM/Digital Arts education programs for students year-round.

Throughout the year, we produce several events of various sizes and scopes throughout Louisiana and other local areas. By producing programs, seminars, conventions and workshops that are both fun and educational, our goal is to better prepare students and their communities to be a part of today’s technology-driven workforce.

These events include panels and keynotes from industry professionals and competitive e-sports tournaments from local gaming communities .



NOLA Gaming Festival is the biggest competitive video gaming event held in Louisiana. Gamers everywhere have the opportunity to compete against the best in the state and surrounding areas. To the every day gamer, this event is the Super Bowl of Gaming!

Why do we call it a "Festival"? Well, that's because we provide a variety of different games ranging from old school, new school, console, PC and even interactive and table top games! During NOLA Gaming Fest, the majority of games will be commentated on while being streamed live to thousands of followers, making this the largest platform of any gaming tournament in Louisiana! All designers and developers will have the chance to compete in NOLA Gaming Fest’s Best Product Competition, which is judged by our attendees.

Outside of competitive game play, all attendees will have the opportunity to visit our vendor tables which include schools displaying their creations from STEM/Digital Arts programs and  local companies showcasing their newest products, games, and designs. While visiting vendors' tables, our attendees can also join in panel discussions on various subjects applicable to a technology-based world. 

History of NOLA Gaming Festival

NOLA MotorSports Park

NOLA Motorsports Park is a 750-acre special event venue located 20 minutes from the New Orleans French Quarter. More than just a home for motorsports, NOLA hosts many events throughout the year including the Tough Mudder and the Great Inflatable Race. NOLA Motorsports Park is also home to family friendly "arrive and drive" karting year-round and has one of the largest outdoor go-kart tracks in North America! They also host Supercar driving experiences on their world class 2.75 mile road course!

From March 16th through June 14th, we will run an event series for all of our competitors and enthusiasts to take part in, both online and offline! In addition to promoting NOLA Gaming Fest, these event series will be hosted throughout the State at High School gym, Youth Recreational centers and other various locations.

Spring Event Series

High School & Youth  eSports

Student STEM Competitions

Amateur eSports League

Leagues & Competitions

 For the first time EVER, a competitor can participate in a tournament not only from the venue location, but also from home! In partnering with Eezers, we were able to create a hybrid gaming experience by incorporating the online/offline tournament functionality in competition.

When a player opts to play from home, they still have the opportunity to participate in live events by simply going to our website and registering as an online competitor. Just like any other sporting event, all games are broadcasted live and are free to watch on our EETV Network.



Making History with Hybrid Events


2019 IGL Mission

NOLA Gaming Fest 2019 will be held June 14-16th, in honor of Father's Day.

*Special pricing and activities will be available throughout the weekend for all Father/Child attendees.  

Fundraising for this years NOLA Gaming Fest is geared towards the expansion of the IGL educational Programs. We are proud to announce that IGL will soon be opening Educational Youth Centers in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge! With these locations, we are able to provide a safe and fun learning environment for the youth of South Louisiana!

We are always looking for opportunities to partner with businesses and increase our impact in the community with the youth we serve. With NOLA Gaming Fest being one of our largest fundraisers, it allows us to continue offering our after-school programs, STEM seminars, & youth summer camps in the Greater New Orleans area.

IGL Foundation looks forward to partnering with you for this event and our many events to come: Gaming is the future and this is just the beginning!

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