Lighthouse Labs
Awareness + Nurture



Things we look at 

  • Hosted Events (TorontoJS etc)
  • External Events (Things we go to)
  • Sponsorships
  • Internal Events
    • Workshops
    • Info Sessions
    • Demo Days

Lead Nurture

  • Workshops
  • ???
  • Info Sessions (conversion piece)
  • Demo Days (conversion piece)

The problem?

We don't have great lead nurture tools to keep people engaged with Lighthouse Labs after our workshop.


Cool I've built a chat room in Node.js.... now what?

Cool I made an iOS app... now what?

So.... introducing


A lead nurture piece

What? Why?

  • Goal = lead nurture
  • An post-workshop lead-nurture event to keep people engaged with Lighthouse


  • Monthly event
  • Vancouver + Toronto
  • 2 hours
  • Speakers on a variety of topics
    • IOT
    • Blockchain
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Ethereum Coding
    • iOS
    • Websockets

Play + Engage

  • Give people the chance to play and engage 
  • Hear a cool talk then have a chance to code/play fool around with tech


To ultimately create...


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