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deck overview

  • the product
  • the value
  • the opportunity
  • next steps

the product :: :: patent pending Ai NLP Robo News Web App & Alexa Skill

try it, click here:

the value ::

  • robot analyzes, summarizes & dedups the infinite news feeds saving time
  • informs on "The Situation in the World"
  • helps to make strategic decisions
  • fits within Investment Technology Frameworks to drive algotrading engines and data driven decision making machines¬†

the opportunity ::

  • provides a tool to help monitor and keep the tech & media giants of the world accountable and to be able to measure influence of news ¬†
  • creates a system to measure stability within a channel or region
  • the people want their time back, and are fed up with social media giants as a source of news.
  • the world is thirsty for unbiassed, non-manipulated, accurate data.

next steps ::

  • raise capital ($2mm for 30%) to ;
  • scale product;
    • to consume more data, from high resolutions to targeting local & personalized geographies.
  • enhance product;
    • ex: add data visualization to visualize keyword trends & sentiment over time
    • further develop patent & api / integration points
    • enhance value of product by 10X by developing feature roadmap
  • ROI;
    • license tech as "Information as a Service" with a Freemium model
    • position tech for acquisition by potential data driven decision making organization, such as Hedge Funds, Strategic Investment & Consulting firms ¬†

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