0 >>> xyz-webpack-plugin@0.1.0

steps to release a webpack plugin

@jalkoby - Sergey Pchelintsev

git commit -m "0.0.1 Reason for it"
  • avoid extra build system around webpack (gulp, grunt, etc)


  • automate a daily routine


  • reduce loaders to improve a webpack performance
git commit -m "0.0.2 Finding a knowledge base"
  • the official documentation (the core idea and list of events)


  • look at the popular plugins


  • hack for a couple of hours
git commit -m "0.0.3 Basic MVP code"
git commit -m "0.0.4 Simple configuration"
  • less options


  • don't invent terms


  • great defaults
git commit -m "0.0.5 Effective logging"
  • add errors into a compilation - do not throw them


  • print something on success
git commit -m "0.0.6 Dev server integration"
  • add file + dir dependencies each success time 


  • remember about child compilations 


  • check changes before recompile
git commit -m "0.0.7 Maintance"
  • add a linter to simplify PR 


  • write a core tests 


  • learn Rollup to deliver a better build
git commit -m "0.0.8 Releasing"
​npm publish xyz-webpack-plugin


# that's all folks

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