A simple CI/CD pipeline with
 Azure Blob Storage

The tools


A very popular CI engine with tones of plugins. We will execute it from the Azure Marketplace.


A java build tool. Equivalent to npm in nodejs, for example. Can be used by Jenkins in order to automatically create deployable artifacts.


The most popular source control management tool. Jenkins can read the project code directly from Git.

Azure storage: blob

An object (not file) based highly reliable storage solution. Think about it just like ftp on steroids with http interface.


Shared access signatures is a mechanism that allows a client to use temporal credentials to manipulate a portion of Azure Storage.

Azure x-plat

The command line interface tool provided by Azure. A good portion of the Azure API can be invoked using it, including Storage manipulation and VM creation.

Custom data

A script injected into the bootstrapping process of a virtual machine. It will download and execute the artifact with the application.