Internet of things

The idea that everything is connected through the internet and form a giant network. 

Principles of a smart home

  • A home with network-connected products, also called smart products
  • All the products is connected to a central control system
  • Highly automated - The computer is doing things that you are used to do by yourself 





case studies

Case study: aeotec

Z-wave home automation

  • Intelligent Z-wave wireless network, takes automated decisions
  • Hub controls every Z-wave product
  • Many interfaces that owners can use to interact with their Z-Wave network
  • Cross compatible

Case study: Knocki

Smart home controlling system

  • Place the Knocki device on any surface
  • Control your smart products in your home by knocking on the surface
  • Mobile application for settings

Case study: Google Home

Voice-activated speaker

  • Voice control over the smart products in your home
  • Google assistance - get answers from Google
  • Learn things about you - perform tasks for you before you have to do them yourself

Not yet launched


Smart homes is getting more advanced and the technology better. The prices has the last couple of years started to drop into reasonable prices. System is more cross compatible and easier to interact with. 

But there must still be some troubles with the smart homes because it's not that popular.

Is there to many devices to buy? Do people want to have 24/7 surveillance?

Security breaches?

The future of smart homes


“The next step is allowing wearables to tap into a person’s body temperature and having rooms automatically adjust the thermostat to an optimal setting configured for the user. We also see the potential of wearables as the becoming the centralized access to all your digital content.” - Kevin Foreman, director of product vision at the digital experience firm Vectorform

Nymi band

nymi band

A device worn on the wrist that authenticates an individual’s identity through his distinct heartbeat variability

What can it be used for?

The potential of wearables as the becoming the centralized access to all your digital content. Nymi knows who you are and can authenticate commands on your behalf.

A learning system

A system that will know what you need before you realize it yourself. It will learn about you and your routines and habits.



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