how can we increase open and click rates?


What is about:Mozilla?

about:Mozilla is a contributor-led newsletter that contains news and contribution activities.

The team (https://wiki.mozilla.org/Newsletters/about_mozilla_credits) puts out approximately one newsletter every two weeks

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Newsletter stats:

Issue 1:
HTML - 60,124
Open rate - 25.7% (goal 25%) = perfect, good engaged list
Click rate - 3.3% (goal 6%) = can do better, we've got to figure out the sweet spot of info to get folks to click through.

Deliverability 97.2% = pretty good for not having emailed to this list in over 6 months

Issue 3:

Sent: 66,972
Open: 19.1% = lower than last time.  Subject line was significantly longer. Newsletter sent on a Saturday.
Click: 2.8% = also lower than last time, but not terribly so.

Issue 4:

Sent: 62,429 = almost 4,000 unsubscribes
Open: 17.5% = much lower than first issue. Long subject line.
Click: 2.9% = stable

What stories are getting the most clicks?

  • Easy, direct actions
    • Examples: "Join Maker Party!" "Sign this petition!"
  • Anything about Firefox
  • First stories in list of 3

What stories are getting the least clicks?

  • Contributor profiles
  • Longer stories
  • CTAs that don't have a direct action attached to them
  • Newsletters with longer subject lines that include "and more..."
  • Events

the good:

  • finding our voice
  • better process of sending the newsletter
  • including a diverse range of Mozillian voices
  • finding contribution activities across MoFo and MoCo

The Less than good

  • difficult to find contribution activities because people are not utilizing our process (https://wiki.mozilla.org/About_mozilla/contributions)
  • click rate / open rate is going steadily down
  • newsletter is not being sent at consistent time every week
  • difficult to encourage people to sign up for newsletter (sign up at: http://mozilla.org/contribute)

How we can Increase Click Rates

  • there are about 1,000,000 articles online about this very subject
  • make things less verbose (shorter. Less academic.)
  • Shorter subject lines that include action items.
  • Change newsletter name to more descriptive about:Community
  • Move contributor profiles to other parts of the newsletter. Profiles give an international feel to the newsletter

How can you help about:Mozilla

  • if you know of a contribution activity, please enter it in the form (https://wiki.mozilla.org/About_mozilla/contributions)
  • volunteer to help! We'd love to have you!
  • Sign up for the newsletter and open and read it. Click on the links
  • Give feedback on individual stories and click through actions

Here's a blog post to read about the newsletter


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