no, you can't just google it: the non-neutrality of knowledge

hi! I'm Jennie

I'm a "professional" with a Masters Degree in Library Science

We significantly influence or control the selection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information. In a political system grounded in an informed citizenry, we are members of a profession explicitly committed to intellectual freedom and the freedom of access to information. We have a special obligation to ensure the free flow of information and ideas to present and future generations.

ALA Code of Ethics, 1939, updated 2008

Just as libraries represent notions of freedom, education, and a love of reading, we also exist within a society and culture of great disparity and oppression. In one very simplistic sense, the existence of libraries themselves attest to this reality, since freely available resources wouldn’t be necessary if it weren’t the case that not everyone has equal access to these resources.

nina dejesus, "Locating the Library in Institutional Oppression,"  In the Library with the Lead Pipe, 2014

this photo was taken IN THIS VERY ROOM at Amy Collier's wonderful show "Cute Animal Facts Dot Com"

at what cost?

A key consideration for librarians has always been how we provide access to information and cultural works. Late stage capitalism is no time to give up this tradition.

"Who are you Empowering?" Hugh Rundle, In the Library with the Lead Pipe, 2014

We cannot stay "neutral"

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