AngularJS or:

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Use the Same Talk Title Format as Everybody Else

What this talk is not

  • Getting started with Angular
  • Why Angular is better than X
  • Why CoffeeScript is better than JS

What this talk is

  • A brief overview of Angular's world view
  • Building a real Angular app together
  • To pique your interest or turn you off altogether

Angular's World View

Angular is

Obtrusive JavaScript!

Angular is Testable!

  • injects all the things
  • ships with built-in mocks
  • ships with end-to-end test runner

Angular is two-way

data binding

Angular is Jargon :(

  • factories
  • services
  • values & constants
  • directives
  • transclusion

Enough talking

Let's build an app!

GitHub Activity


  • As a contributor to The Changelog,
  • I want to enter a GitHub user into a web page,
  • see a list of users followed by said user,
  • and pick from them to see recently starred repos,
  • so I can find great new projects to cover.

Let's build it!

It could be better

  • loading indicator for stars
  • ng-filter on the table
  • click on multiple avatars aggregates stars

Angular Stuff Used

  • Data binding
  • Injector
  • Controller scope
  • Built-in directives
  • $http
  • Custom ServiceĀ 
  • Promises
  • Karma
  • Mocks

Angular Stuff not used

  • Router
  • Templates
  • Custom directives
  • ngResource
  • Filters



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