The nutcrackalypse

"Look, Jackie!" Cary yelled. 

"Look at what?" said Jackie.

"That!" yelled Cary.

Sure enough, they saw the mouse king's eyes twinkle. And then it's arm twitched. And then its eyes popped wide open as it looked around.

"Get your light saber!" exclaimed Jackie, but she hadn't needed to give the order; Cary was already reaching for his.

But before Jackie and Cary could swing their light sabers, the mouse king leaped down from the mantel and laughed an uproarious laugh.

"You won't get away from us," proclaimed Cary.

"You don't stand a chance against our light sabers," said Jackie, hopefully.

The mouse king seemed not to care.

"Take THIS, slimy cheese breath!" as Cary furiously jousted and swung at the mouse king. 

The mouse king seemed barely to notice, as he deftly swerved out of the light saber's path.

"My light saber-foo will destroy you," shrieked Jackie, as she got a running start and went in for the kill. 

The mouse king could barely suppress a yawn, effortlessly bounding above and over Jackie.

"Hahaha!" bellowed the mouse king.

"You fools are no match for the mighty mouse king!" 

"Mighty mouse king?" asked Jackie, quizically.

"Yeah, you're smaller than a kitty cat," laughed Cary.

Now they had done it. Now the mouse king roared a mighty roar and grew ten times his original size, knocking poor Jackie and Cary to the floor.

"You fools!" bellowed the mouse king, before laughing a hearty laugh.  "Muahahaha! Don't you understand?"
Then, waving his arms wildly winding himself into a lather, he boomed,

"The Nutcrackolypse is here!!!!"

"Ah hahahahaha! The Nutcrackolypse is here!"

Cary whispered, innocently, "I think we heard him the first time."

After finally recovering from laughing himself silly, the mouse king tied up our heroes.

He pondered a few moments on what to do with his prize and then snapped his fingers and flailed his arms to signify that he had come to a  MIGHTY MOUSE KING CONCLUSION

"That's it!" he exclaimed. "You will work in the nutcracker factory for-EVER! Ah hahahaha!"

"What do we do, Jackie?" worried Cary.

"Shhhh..." hushed Jackie.

Jackie started thinking... she thought and she thought and she thought... and then she had an idea.

"Oh, a nutcrackolypse you say. Yeah, we already had one of those.

"What?" asked the mouse king in shock. "That's impossible!"

"Oh, I'm quite certain," assured Jackie. "It wasn't too bad. It made the boring summer quite tolerable, actually."

"Hrmph!" hrmphed the mouse king.

"Oh yes, it was quite the holiday," recalled Jackie, wistfully.

"Yeah!" added Cary. "We had ice cream sundaes, frollicks in the wi..."

"OH GRRR," the mouse king grumbled, terribly.

"Well don't get mad at me. Ask him over there," she said, nodding towards the small, lifeless nutcracker standing in the doorway.

"What? Fine! We shall see!"

While the mouse king was distracted, Jackie and Cary saw their chance, but they knew they didn't have much time - the mouse king would soon discover that the nutcracker wasn't alive.

"Cary, can you reach my wrist?"

"Hang on... I've got it, Jackie."

In a flash, our heroes had untied themselves, but could they get to their light sabers in time?

Our heroes quickly scrambled to their feet, grabbed their light sabers, flicked them on, and charged towards the mouse king, who, it must be said, was blissfully unaware of what had transpired behind him, still trying to figure out why this nutcracker fellow wouldn't answer his questions.

Jackie and Cary were set to unleash a furious flurry of light saber revenge on the mouse king.

"Take that, you vile whiskered beast!" as Cary thrust his light saber at the mouse king.

"This is one mouse trap you'll never forget!" as Jackie twirled her light saber before striking her target. "But this is no stinky cheese, man!"

In a matter of seconds, their surprise attack had reduced the mouse king back to normal size.

"Well, drat," sighed the mouse king. "This is no way for a king to be treated, even if I am but a mouse! I'll be back! I. Will. Be. Back!"

The mouse king disappeared in a flash, without so much as a whisker or squeak to behold.

Jackie danced, basking in their triumph, but Cary was more contemplative.

"Is he really coming  back?"

"Who cares?" giggled Jackie.

The End

Story and Direction:

John Mark Walker

Jackie and Cary:

Jackie and Cary