Admin Getting Started Guide

For Attendance Tracking Users

There Are 2 Different User Roles To Be Aware of in Conferences i/o...



  • Creating & Editing Sessions

  • Configuring CPE Certificates

  • Managing Session Evaluation Questions

  • Reviewing Attendance Data and Adjusting Credits

  • Sending CPE Certificates

The Admin

Tasks performed by the Admin are primarily completed before and after an event. Admin tasks can include:

  • Create Polls
  • Embed Polls into PowerPoint
  • Moderate Q&A
  • Respond to Questions
  • Export data report


Moderators manage the features & settings within a specific session. Moderator tasks can include setup prior to an event as well as real-time management.

*Having a separate moderator in each session room is ideal but not required. Presenters can easily "self-moderate" their session.

Admin First Steps

What are Check-in and Check-out Codes?

These codes are typically only used at Group Live (non-virtual) sessions to serve as an additional measure to prevent any falsified attendance claims.

If you're using our Attendee Self Check-in Mode we generally recommend not using the check-in / out codes unless falsified claims becomes a known issue.

Admins have the option to require attendees to enter a specific code in order to check-in or out of the session.

Early Check-in Prevention

Admins can set a Check-in Time Limit to help prevent attendees from checking-in to a session too early, or accessing future sessions that have already been created.

Click Update Attendance Constraints from the Attendance Tracking Modes & Settings page

For example, entering "15" in the box above would  prevent attendees from being able to check-in until 15 minutes before a session starts.

Hybrid Delivery Format

When the session Delivery Format is set to Hybrid, attendees will be prompted to indicate whether they are attending in-person or virtually upon check in.

Navigating the Manage Sessions Dashboard

Hover over an      icon below to learn more about the feature

Archive Session

Use the Archive Sessions tool to remove a session from your Manage Sessions page and home screen of your app without the risk of losing any data.


Archived sessions aren’t deleted and can be restored again at any time.

Restore Archived Sessions

Use this page to view and restore previously archived sessions.

Sort the Session List

Start Date / Time Ascending (Default): Sessions that have already occurred or are set to occur in the nearest future appear at the top of the list.

Start Date / Time Descending: Sessions will be sorted with the session set to occur in the farthest future at the top.

A-Z:  Sessions will be sorted alphabetically by name.


Filter Session List

Quickly find a specific session by filtering based on the name of the session or presenter.


Copy a Session

Quickly create a new session with the same settings and the same poll questions.

What aspects of the session will be duplicated?

  • Check-in / out requirements, field(s) of study and number of CE credits, codewords, etc.

  • Presenters and Learning Objectives

  • Poll questions and configurations

  • In-Session settings such as which features are enabled or disabled, polls locked or unlocked, etc.

Hide sessions to prevent them from appearing to attendees on the home page of your app

Session Visibility

Hiding Sessions Can Be Useful When:

  • An upcoming session is still in development

  • The session is Invite Only and will be accessed with a direct link you share with attendees

  • A session has ended but you're not ready to archive it yet

Attendee View

Support Widget

Use this built-in widget to search for how-to articles or contact our support team if you're having an issue

Session Attendance Page

Access the Session Attendance Page to review check-ins, adjust credits and issue CPE Certificates

Do you plan to use the CPE Certificates functionality within Conferences i/o?

How To Setup CPE Certificates

Additional CPE Certificate Tutorials

Do you plan to use the Session Evaluation feature within Conferences i/o?

Setting Up Session Evaluations

What to do if you have questions or issues along the way...


Visit to find how-to resources or submit a support ticket

You've Now Completed the Admin Basics!

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