Presenter Polling Benefits Guide

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What Is Conferences i/o  ?  

Conferences i/o allows attendees to participate and stay engaged during presentations by responding to Poll questions in real-time

How Does Conferences i/o Polling Work? 

At the start of your session you'll instruct your attendees to participate by navigating to a unique URL

We'll even provide an instructional slide and  script for you to use

The polls will be embedded right within your PowerPoint slides

When it's time to respond, the poll will instantly appear on your attendees' device

... And the results will display on screen in real-time

Why Is Audience Engagement Important?  

The attendees in your session are there to Learn.

Unfortunately, effective learning doesn't happen by simply listening...

Traditional lecture style presentations only result in 10 to 15% knowledge retention on average

Source: Scott Gould - The Engaging Method

... And did you know that 40% of conference attendees admit to FALLING ASLEEP during a presentation?

Effective learning happens when attendees are participating & engaged

Why Does Active Learning Work?

As far as your brain is concerned, engagement and reward are essentially the same thing!

Dopamine is released and as result you get many benefits related to learning.

Source: Scott Gould - The Engaging Method

Here's what the audience attention span looks like during a typical presentation... 

Kicking off your presentation with a Poll question will immediately spike engagement and boost attention spans for the rest of the session

By engaging attendees with a Poll question every 15-20 minutes you can increase the amount of content they retain from your presentation by up to 70% !

Effective Engagement

Increases ROI For Attendees

Increases Attendee Satisfaction

More Positive Evaluations 

...It can also lead to more favorable ratings from attendees on session evaluation surveys

So why is audience engagement important?

Your presentation will be more effective


Your content will be remembered


You will avoid the frustration of seeing blank stares or someone falling asleep!


Your evaluation ratings may increase as a result

Example Use Cases

We've put together some example ways you can incorporate Polls into your presentation.

Keep in mind, these aren't intended to be  training guides (that will come later) just some inspiration to help you get started.

Use Cases

Click one of the options below to learn how Conferences i/o can help you achieve the goal

Pre-Post Comparisons

Discover how attendee opinions or knowledge changed throughout your session

Demographic Comparisons

For Example: See how males responded compared to  females

Learn About Your Audience

Better understand who your attendees are, what they do, etc.

Quiz Questions

Assess how well attendees are learning

Generate  Leads

Identify potential customers or partners that are in the  room & collect their information

Gauge Opinions

Have attendees vote and speak their mind  on a subject

Learn About Your Audience

Use polls to gain a better understanding of who you're presenting to...

Gauge Opinions

Poll attendees to find out how they feel about a certain subject related to your content

Quiz Questions

Conduct polls with correct answers to assess attendee knowledge or understanding of a subject

Demographic Comparisons

Segment poll results based on demographic data from previous Polls

In this example we set up a comparison slide to display which social media platforms the males in the room use compared to the females

Pre-Post Comparisons

Use pre-post comparisons to assess whether attendees effectively learned or how their opinions on a subject changed throughout your session

Generate Leads

Ask attendees for their name & email upon joining the session. Not only will you collect everyone's contact info, you'll also know how they responded to each poll

Rather than asking for all attendees for their contact info you can use an open-ended poll and have only the attendees that are interested in your services  leave their email

Option 1

Option 2


Click on a question below to see the answer...

Q: How do my attendees access Conferences i/o?

Conferences i/o is a web-based application, meaning that there is nothing that attendees need to download or install in order to use it. The application runs entirely through their device’s web browser. Attendees will simply navigate to a unique URL that we setup for your event.


Alternatively, if your event is using a separate mobile event app, attendees may also be able to access Conferences i/o from the mobile app (if your organizer chose to integrate it).


Q: What kind of devices can attendees use?

We’ve optimized Conferences i/o to work with any internet-enabled device. That means smartphones, iPads, other tablets, laptops, etc. As long as the device has a web-browser and is connected to the internet, it will work.

Q: How many polls should I plan on incorporating?

It depends on what you're trying to accomplish and how much time you have but you can expect it to take about 1 minute to gather results for each Poll. How much time you spend analyzing / talking about the results is up to you.

We generally see presenters doing 3 to 5 Polls in a standard 60 minute session.

Q: What are the different types of Polls I can create?

Multiple Choice: Bar Chart

Multiple Choice: Pie Chart

Numerical Rating

Open Ended

Q: How will my Polls get created & embedded into my presentation?

It depends. If you haven't been informed of this yet, please contact your event organizer for more information.

Option 1: Event Staff Are Responsible

Some events choose to make internal staff or an A/V team responsible for the Polling setup. In this case you will submit your Poll questions to the staff. They will then create the Polls within your session on Conferences i/o and embed them into your PowerPoint 

Option 2: Presenters Are Responsible

Other events choose to have the presenters be responsible for managing Polling setup. In this case you will receive instructions on how to access your session, create your Poll questions directly in Conferences i/o and embed them into your PowerPoint. Don't worry, it's all very easy.

Q: Can I export the data after my session?

Absolutely. You can export a couple of different ways. One way is via Excel -- all of the data will be saved in a spreadsheet that you can save for future analysis.


You can also export the data to a Web Report which creates a separate webpage showing all of the data in a more illustrative way. The purpose of this report is to make it easy to share with your attendees and close the engagement loop after an event. You can save the report as a PDF, share the link online, post to a blog, and even download the graphs to insert into presentations or newsletters.


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