Using AWS Lambda with Zappa

Who am I?

  • Josh Finnie
  • Senior Software Maven @ TrackMaven
  • Lover of both Python & Javascript

What is AWS Lambda?

AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless computing platform provided by Amazon as a part of the Amazon Web Services. [1]

Why AWS Lambda?

  • AWS Lambda is CHEAP! [1]
    • First 1 million requests per month are free
    • $0.20 per 1 million requests thereafter ($0.0000002 per request)
    • $0.00001667 per GB-second used for app use.


This is going to be a bit of a live-coding demo. Please stop and ask questions as we go along.



Tools Used in this demo:

$ pip install flask zappa

Why this demo:

  • It is "Something new I want to learn in 2017."
  • At TrackMaven, we are moving to a more micro-service type architecture, and some services do not need a server!

Let's Live Code!

What you've missed...

$ zappa init
$ zappa deploy dev // initial deployment...

Things to note:

  • Yes, you can do private environment variables. [1]
  • The API Gateway magic in Zappa is REALLY magic, and would not recommend editing yourself. (I have tried and failed...)








I am @joshfinnie everywhere, these slides will be at soon-ish!