MozKopdar Surabaya

23 Oktober 2016

Mozilla Representative, Webmaker mentor, L10n contibutor & reviewer

Programmer by day. Mozillian by night. Blogger by weekend.

What is                 ?

Non profit organization

with mission to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all.

Soo, what's new in Firefox?

  • Bye bye Firefox Hello..
  • Test Pilot
  • Electrolysis (e10s)
  • Page Shot
  • Min Vid
  • Tracking Protection
  • Activity Stream
  • Tab Center
  • No More 404s
  • Universal Search

Electrolysis (e10s)

a.k.a multi-process Firefox is the project name for Mozilla’s efforts to split Firefox into multiple processes to improve responsiveness, stability, and security. Electrolysis child processes are currently in use for the following tasks within Firefox:

  • Legacy NPAPI plugin hosting
  • Media playback
  • Web content ('content processes')

How to enable e10s in my Firefox?

  • check about:support
  • see "Multiprocess Windows" is enable/disable
  • If disable, to enable it, check about:config
  • set browser.tabs.remote.autostart to true
  • restart Firefox

What's more?

  • Rust Language & Servo web engine
  • Moz VR
  • Connected Devices
  • Mozilla Campus Club

Rust is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language sponsored by Mozilla Research.


Servo is an experimental web browser layout engine being developed by Mozilla Research.

Moz VR focus is to develop WebVR. WebVR is a set of APIs that offer the ability to render and interact with web content in VR.

Moz VR mission is to bring high-performance virtual reality to the open Web.

The Internet of Things (IoT) leads the way to the next phase of the Internet. Here at Mozilla, we want to ensure everyone can fully benefit from this next phase. For that to happen, the nascent IoT must become secure for users and truly interoperable and open.

Mozilla University & College Club is a group of students who meet regularly to advance this mission by leading and participating in activities that teach, build, and protect the web in an inclusive, engaging way.


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