Why the web should works everywhere

Wikufest 2017

About me

Rizki Kelimutu (kiki)

Open innovation team - Mozilla

Telkom alumni

The web

is growing explosively


Cross-browser compatibility become more complex & essential


Why should we care?


More people use that other browser than you think

What causing web incompatibility?

  • Browser-specific features
  • Browser rush to implement features
  • Browser slow to implement standards and fix bugs
  • User agent sniffing
  • Developers who are over-reliant on a single toolset


Make your next website work for everyone, because..

  •     Not everyone use the same browser as you
  •     Different ability and needs
  •     We usually won't change browser if the sites is break


How to stay compatible?

  • Stay current with the latest technologies, frameworks, and techniques
  • Test carefully and implement cross browser/platform
  • Make sure your web content is accessible to people with disabilities
  • Make sure the general look and user experience of your creations is pleasant and fits in with your/your client’s brand


User won't switch browsers.

They will switch sites.

"We should be able to publish regardless of the software we use, the computer we have, the language we speak... We should be able to access the web from any kind of hardware that can connect to the Internet – stationary or mobile, small or large." - www.w3.org/standards/

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