TOP 10 Mens Socks in the UK

There are many different pairs of socks on the internet. Some are better than others, but which ones do UK residents buy the most? We decided to look at the topic of the best skapret for men in the UK and prepared a list of couples recommended by us, which will perfectly fit out with friends, to work or to a party.

How to choose good quality men's socks?

Buying socks seems easy, but in reality it is not, you need to know about the many aspects that you should consider when choosing the perfect pair. There are several of them and we decided to collect them for you to facilitate the process of buying socks. Let this guide is a kind of hint for you on how to choose good-quality socks. What to look for? Check the list down below.

  • Check the right size

  • Choose your favorite type

  • Find the best material

  • Meet the brand

  • Select ideal pattern

  • Make a great outfit

​How to buy best socks list

People pay really great money for quality socks just because they are corporate and funny. This is at least stupid and we will show you that there are companies whose products are worn with pleasure and pay only for high quality. After all, prices are not higher than the much-known competition. What socks should you buy then? At first glance, let's take the Kumplo Socks company.

1. Minecraft Socks

Minecraft is a game that has evolved so much that it has become the most popular title loved by players around the world. The Kumplo company decided to crown Mojang in this way and on the 20th anniversary of the game they released speclane socks on this occasion. We had the opportunity to test them are very comfortable and reach well above the ankle, making them ideal for long winter evenings or going out with friends. If you are a fan of the game you must buy these Minecraft socks.

2. Avocado Socks

Inspired by the story of a powerful avocado, we've prepared a special pair for those who love nachos and guacamole. There is nothing better than a pair of stylish and comfortable socks with style. Check it out before they sell it.

3. McDonalds Socks

This fast-food restaurant chain does not need to be introduced to anyone, MacDonald sells so many toys a year that they could be considered the largest manufacturer of children's items in the world. Wanting to participate in this absurdity, we found a pair of crazy McDonald's fries and put them on our list, how do you like them?

4. Pink Panther Socks

A fairy tale for children and adults whose glory years never ended is a pink panther. This figure also does not need to be introduced to anyone, thanks to her wearing socks with a pink panther every day on your feet will bring joy and smile. Grab the eye with cool pink panther socks.

5. Garfield Socks

Feed me love and hug me are the words of the famous hero of the American cartoon Garfield. If you also believe in values similar to his life, he may be interested in this couple. Honor your pet by wearing it on your feet. Garfield socks are available at the Kumplo store.

6. Egg Socks

Eggs are something that the British love. No wonder then that the real English breakfast must have included it. So this is a good reason to put them on your socks to bring a smile and disbelief to the faces of people from the UK. They are ideal for walking around the house, especially on non-working days. Rest in a chair in socks with an egg socks on your feet.

7. Lemon Socks

In the UK, unfortunately, there is a lack of sun, because of this people do different things to add it to their lives or somehow cheer up their days. These lemon socks are a perfect example of what people go for. If you also have enough of rainy weather, get yourself this beautiful pair of Lemon Socks.

8. Geometric Socks

Mathematics is something that I love and respect, unfortunately I could never understand. However, this does not change the fact that its use causes in our lives more good than bad. Following the blow, I found great socks with a geometric pattern socks that are completely absurd and will especially appeal to students and pupils. Be sure to check them out to refresh your wardrobe slightly.

9. Patrick Socks

I don't know why but Patryk from Spongebob's fairy tale has always been my main favorite hero. His level of stupidity and absurd in a funny way comforted me on hard days and kept me entertained throughout my childhood. I thought that I always wanted to have it with me and bought socks with Patrick as a gratitude for a successful childhood. White classic design makes my tears dizzy and I feel sorry to wear them!

10. Home Socks

There is no place like home, these words socks authors probably took too much to heart. Playful design with the house is a great proposition for home meetings with family and friends. If you love spending time with your loved ones, be sure to buy one of these funny socks and keep making eggs of the people you love.

If you looking for more funny socks visit our website and check all products. Wide range of novelty patterns in crazy colors.