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  • What is ChatOps ?
  • What are Chatbots and what are they used for ?
  • Digging into HuBot
  • Live demo

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  • Who work in teams ?
  • Who know about ChatOps ?
  • ... and what about DevOps ?

Placing tools directly in the middle of the conversation

- Jesse Newland, GitHub

Every team member has skills and master tools 

What if someone need help but no one here to response ?

But everyone use a chat client for better communication

ChatOps is all about conversation driven development

by bringing your tools into your conversations

What are the benefits of ChatOps ?


Everyone can see what is happening, even on their first day


"Everyone is pairing all of the time"

Quickly access data


A piece of software that you chat with to get things done

It's your own personal assistant to take care of everything

Roles of the bots







And many funny things

A Python-based bot

Chat bot written in Ruby with persistent storage provided by Redis 


A chat bot written entirely in Coffeescript and Node.js by GitHub

1) You must install npm and node.js from

npm install -g hubot coffee-script yo generator-hubot

2) Install the following packages :

hubot / coffee-script / yo / generator-hubot


3)  Create a directory to house your new friend and run the yeoman generator :

mkdir marvin
cd marvin
yo hubot

4) Start hubot server :


Hubot out of the box doesn't do too much, but with scripts it's can do interesting things

Where to Find Pre-built Scripts ?

ChatOps limitations

The only limit is your imagination

But, be careful about what your new friend can do

ChatOps use cases

Backing-up MySQL database without leaving the chatroom

Check up jobs

Anyone in the team can talk to the ChatBot anytime to check up the Jenkins building progress

Administrate your github organization

Manage your trello board


Thank you for your attention

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