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Leonardo Losoviz

Decoupled Days 2020

It's been exactly 1 year!

How is the project doing?

  • How ready is it?
  • Has it added new features?
  • Has it managed to get a user base?
  • Contributors to the repo?
  • Financial stability?

In terms of...

Let's find out

How ready is it?

  • Current version: 0.7 (Feb 2021)
  • Launching new version 0.8 next week! (Support for WP 5.8)
  • Launched website (nice domain!)
  • Moved source code to leoloso/PoP (monorepo)
  • The plugin is super ready
  • The plugin is never ready
  • Plan to release version 1.0 in (hopefully) 3 months
  • Then, release on

Has it added new features?

  • Feature-wise, it already has what it needs
  • (Persisted queries, custom endpoints, access control, HTTP caching, public/private access mode)
  • But, does it actually matter?
  • People seem to be mainly using it to power Gatsby
  • And Gatsby doesn't care about all these features!
  • So I'm currently working on completing the WP schema...
  • v0.7 still rather incomplete (no categories, settings, menus)
  • v0.8 will complete most of what's missing

Has it managed to get a user base?

  • Nothing significant yet
  • Why? I believe it is because...
  • - it can't be extended yet
  • - it's not available on
  • - Gatsby users don't need it
  • - commercial interests are too invested on WPGraphQL
  • So gotta wait for v1.0, and see how it goes

Contributors to the repo?

  • Nops
  • The codebase has been refactored a few times, up to v0.8...
  • ...and still a bit more to do, up to v1.0
  • No guides on extending the schema yet
  • Stuck in between WordPress and PHP
  • - Scary to non-advanced developers (service containers, PHP transpiling, CMS-agnosticism, scoping)
  • - Can't talk much about it in reddit's /r/php <= They hate WP!
  • So I'm working on it all by myself
  • After v1.0, with plugin being extensible, and guides completed, will hopefully get better (🤞)


  • Financials? What's that?
  • With open source? It. Just. Does. Not. Work.
  • (At least for me... and I believe 99% of everyone else)
  • At u$d 5/month, I'd need hundreds of individual sponsors to make it work out (that's impossible for me to achieve!)
  • So I attempted to get a few corporate sponsors
  • I proposed to drive traffic to them via my blog (which managed to have a few 1000s visitors) in exchange for the sponsorship
  • They express interest... then they don't reply your email anymore, and keep you waiting forever
  • Consequence? From now on, no more full open source
  • Will launch GraphQL API PRO with lovely features, and a marketplace of extensions
  • Persisted queries/etc will remain in GraphQL API though, but all new developments will go to PRO (🤫)


No conclusion

Life goes on

Everything takes time

There are no shortcuts

See you again in

Decoupled Days 2022?

(hopefully offline!)




Leonardo Losoviz

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