Sensitive Data

Detection Pipelines

Luke Hedger

AWS Community Builder

AWS Summit London - April 2022

Amazon Macie

Fully managed data security service that uses machine learning to discover sensitive data in AWS workloads


Operational Excellence

- Monitor key pipeline metrics in CloudWatch

- Alert with visibility and actionability (ChatOps)

- Test in production with CloudWatch Synthetics

Cost Optimisation

- Compress Kinesis data delivered to S3 (GZIP)

- Reduce S3 objects analysed by Macie (Lifecycle Policy)

- Archive infrequently accessed S3 objects (Intelligent Tiering)


- Encrypt all data at rest and in transit with KMS

- Record activity via CloudTrail, CloudFormation

- Aggregate security findings in Security Hub


- Deployable pipeline

- More from me

- These slides 🤳👇


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