Early Childhood Education Collaboration Community

Large online classes: how to stay connected?

👋 Hi, I'm Ian!

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Can everyone hear me OK?

Questions to consider

How can I make a large online class feel like a community?

How can I provide a sense of presence online?

How can I make the most of my time to help students who are falling behind?

How can I make the most of my time to give students the most support?

We will talk about

  • Use of Groups
  • Use of Media
  • Learning Analytics for Insights




Canvas Messages

Faculty Service Centre

Mattermost Chat

Collaborate Ultra

What's Mattermost?

Mattermost is an open source communication tool that facilitates collaboration in a chat-type environment.

  • Direct Messages

  • Online Status

  • Private Channels

Off-Campus Communication Options



Analytics for Insights



Using Groups

for... discussion

for... collaboration

for... group assignments

for... Mattermost Chat


How do you use groups?

Using Media


Recording audio or video

Speech to text

Asyncronous discussions

Let's share with each other our strategies

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