Wanted Recruiting Carnival

14th Nov 2019


Who Are We?

Leading WealthTech Company

Fastest growing digital investment platform in Asia.


Cutting edge tech stack fully built in-house

Both a technology company and a financial company regulated by the MAS

First and only approved digital advisor for CPF investing

CPF, SRS and Cash investing into globally diversified, best quality, low cost portfolios

Aim to solve all pain points related to investing money

A group of dedicated and fun-loving experts building the most sophisticated WealthTech company in Asia!

Our Platform

Our Experiences

Our Team

Back-end Tech Stack

Front-end Tech Stack



DevOps Tech Stack

Current Openings (Technology)

Junior Full Stack Engineer

Senior Full Stack Engineer

QA Engineer

(Test Automation)


Tech Team Intern


React.js + Some experience in Backend Languages (1~3 years)

React.js + JVM language experience (4~6 years)

1+ years of experience in automation and QA (Automation experience is a must!)

Bachelorโ€™s degree in computer science or computer engineering or equivalent

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