#ubuZulu: Shifting Zulu Identities in Digital Spaces

Liz Timbs, Michigan State University

Imagined Communities (1982)

The nation ...

is an imagined political community…imagined because the members of even the smallest nation will never know most of their fellow-members…yet in the minds of each lives the image of their communion.

  1. Digital Collections

  2. Social Media

2 Forums for Exploring Digital Zuluness

Digital Collections

African Studies in the Digital Age: DisConnects (2014)

Digital collections…act as simulacra of national identities. These identities, fragmented and contested as they may be, are constituted through the collective memories that are stored in memory institutions like libraries and museums. In the material world, these identities are constructed through the porous archival processes of collection development. This is mirrored in the creation of online collections.

Ulwazi Programme

Zulu Search Terms

  • Umemulo (21st birthday celebration)
  • Umembeso (a type of traditional clothing)
  • Izaga (Zulu proverbs)
  • Izinganekwane (traditional folk tales/nursery rhymes)
  • Umbondo (a traditional marriage agreement)
  • Umhlonyane (a puberty ceremony for females)
  • Impepho (a spiritual herb used in ceremonies)
  • Izithakazelo (clan names)

Social Media


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