Tools Interoperability and Model Lifecycle Management Working Group

Lonnie VanZandt, Enterprise Architect, Sodius

Presenter Info

  • Enterprise Architect, Sodius
  • (ex) Chief Architect, No Magic
  • (ex) UPDM Co-chair
  • INCOSE Tools WG Co-chair
  • OMG BPMN2 Certified
  • OSLC Developer
  • IBM Jazz CLM Integration Partner
  • PTC Windchill Integration Partner
  • Tasktop Sync Partner
  • ~30 years Software and Systems Engineering
  • 17 years Consulting
  • Hobby Ontologist

TIMLM WG Recent Activities

  • IW2016: Merger of TIIWG and Model Lifecycle Management.
    • New Charter at:
    • Revised site at:
    • Chairs:
      John Nallon, Axel Reichwein, Lonnie VanZandt,
      and Saumya Sanyal
    • WG's Connect Site:
    • TII's Wiki:
    • MLM's Wiki:

TIMLM WG Recent Activities

  • Joint SE project with PDES Inc, Eurostep and ProSTEP
    • Semi-annual offsite meetings concerning
      AP-233, AP-239 and AP-242
      to obtain more
       vendor implementations and to enable interoperability between these standards.
    • ProSTEP iVIP continues to meet bi-weekly.
  • STEP Recommendation to merge the AP-233 with AP-239 to yield one systems engineering data exchange standard.
    • (AP-239 currently has adopted all but 3 of the functional Areas of AP-233 and new editions are being modelled using SysML.)

TIMLM WG Recent Activities

  • The STEP SE Project is recruiting Validation volunteers
    • Role: evaluate data transfer between tools using STEP-standard files and select native formats
      • using a STEP Database that accepts both STEP and native formats and emits both STEP and native formats.
    • Initially: requirements and requirements traceability
    • Later: model exchange.

TIMLM WG Recent Activities

  • TIIWG ISEE CONOPS is under revision with exposure on the TIIWG CONNECT Wiki.
    • needs updating and more scenarios
    • edits can be made on the wiki
    • being refactored to MS-Word 2016 format
    • Originally EIA-632 focused and becoming ISO 15288 focused.
    • Volunteers sought for Scenario updating.

TIMLM WG Recent Activities

  • Ongoing Tools Survey
    • Survey reports are collected on our CONNECT site.
    • Editor: Brittany Friedland, Boeing Company
      ( ).
    • Integration and Interoperability issues in a “paper” format
      • PDES SE Project has expressed interest in reviewing this
      • Recent name change to an
        Integration and Interoperability PRIMER (DRAFT)
      • Including more details on STEP, OSLC, OMG and ReqIF 
      • candidate material for the SEBOK and the SE Handbook.
      • draft: (

TIMLM WG Recent Activities

  • Systems Engineering Tool Matrix.
    • After the IW2016 meetings, Jim Sweeney from the Naval Post Graduate School, volunteered to have his students fill out the matrix.
    • They have expanded the list to 100 tools and are continuing with their research to complete the matrix
    • We also have added Ap242 to the standards checklist.
    • Saumya Sanyal is the INCOSE project leader for this effort and will need some help in the future assisting the NPGS with validation of the matrix.

MLM IS 2017 Panel Statement

WHEREAS: Engineered solutions conceived, implemented, and deployed after the deployment of the Internet, if not more complicated, at the least are more explicitly and intentionally coupled than are those developed before the Internet Age.
WHEREAS: Engineering enterprises are typically no longer composed of either sole individuals or of small teams sharing a common managerial authority. Rather, these enterprises are composed of architects, engineers, and stakeholders from multiple organizations that are physically located in multiple sites around the world.
WHEREAS: Engineered solutions provide services to more people for more purposes and the failures of such solutions have increasingly grave consequences.
WHEREAS: Stakeholders are more concerned about the provenance of changes made in both the specifications of systems and in the deployed systems.
BE IT RESOLVED THAT: Existing practices and systems for the management of modeled lifecycle information are inadequate for the nature of today’s enterprises and today’s systems and more effective management systems are necessary to enable managers to manage enterprises that are responsible for systems acquisition and maintenance.


  • Len Wozniak, GM (Accepted)
  • John Baras, University of Maryland (Accepted)
  • Bill Chown, INCOSE, Mentor Graphics (Accepted)
  • Manas Bajaj, Intercax (Accepted)
  • Mohammad Chami, Bombardier Transportation (Invited)
  • Jean-Claude Roussel and Carsten, Airbus (Invited)
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