The Grammar of Graphics

10 -21 October 2022

Training introduction, 10 October


Maarten Lambrechts


Educational approach

Grammar of graphics?



EU DATAVIz training program: calendar

educational approach

pedagogical approach

100% remote

Asynchronous learning



Exercises & assignments

Live sessions

16 hours of training, spread over 2 weeks

pedagogical approach

Live SessioNs

Training introduction (now)

Q&A, feedback & discussions (14/10, 19/10, 21/10)

Training closure (Friday 21/10)

Grammar of graphics?

Grammar of Graphics

What is it?

Breaks away from chart template galleries

Describes how visualisations are constructed from data

Map data to visual properties of geometric objects

How to use it?

4 tools that implement the grammar

1 non-coding tool

3 coding tools

Getting started and start making visualisations with each tool


16 hours of study time, to be spread over two weeks

Suggested order of modules...

... but some have prerequisite modules, to be completed first

Live sessions have a fixed timing:

This introduction live session

Assignment results discussion 1

Q&A session: working with tools

Friday 14/10, 2:30-3:30h

Wednesday 19/10, 2:30-3:30h

Assignment results discussion 2

Friday 21/10, 2:30-3:30h
Closing live session Friday 21/10, 3:30-4:30h

The platform for the training is Notion:

Create an account with your EU email address: instructions

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  • submit assignments

All module pages have a link to the next module at the bottom, and a link to the overview page

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You have comment permissions on all pages, so you can add questions directly in the pages (you can mention me with "@Maarten Lambrechts")

You have edit permissions on the assignment pages, so you can add your submission directly to these pages



EU DataViz training 2022: calendar

Design principles for data visualisation
7 - 11 March
Telling your story with data visualisation
28 March - 1 April
Pitfalls in data and data visualisation 25 April - 6 May
Dataviz in practice: all the dirty little tricks no one tells you about 30 May - 10 June
A deep dive into chart types: bars, lines and beyond 20 June - 1 July
Make your audience inclusive: accessibility for data visualisation 19 - 30 September
A language to think and talk about visualisations: the Grammar of Graphics 10 - 21 October

have fun studying and learning!