Building a Covid19 Dashboard with Phoenix LiveView

Mafinar Khan | @mafinar |

What are we going to do?

  • Checkout a Covid19 Dashboard Made with Phoenix LiveView
  • Look into some code
  • Discuss some code

What are we going to see

A dashboard that shows data on Covid19

What does it do?

  • Pulls data from various dataset (Currently only John Hopkins)
  • Updates Postgres Database with that data
  • Presents information
    • Worldwide cases, deaths, recoveries on-
      • Heat Map
      • Chart
      • Tables
    • Above data per country
    • Sorting/Filtering of data by date and other attributes
    • Comparison of data (TBD)

Why did I do this?

  • To learn about LiveView with hands on experience
  • To keep my Elixir claws sharpened
  • To have a stab at Covid19 data exploration

Please read the disclaimer on the repository's README

How does it look like?

What I learned

  • How components and views fit together
  • JS Hooks and integrating charts, maps, tables etc
  • Making a date picker with LiveView
  • Navigations
  • Helpful way to organize code
  • Value of trial and error, trials mostly

Demo and Walkthrough Time!!!

Near Future Plans

  • Decouple Components
  • Identify and modularize commonly used UI modules
  • Add dynamically addable charts for States and Provinces
  • Improve Caching
  • Optimize Queries
  • Add map on detail view

Future Plans

  • Make data source pluggable and browsable
  • Add comparison page to compare multiple sets of data
  • Animation on Heat-map
  • Downloadable Reports
  • More ...