Manvir Singh Leamington - Discussing Sikh Gurmat Perspectives

What is today referred to as “Sikh” Marriage by Punjabi’s is actually a mixture of Hindu, Islamic, Christian, and Punjabi traditions? Most people without their knowledge follow these rituals in good faith and enjoy them thinking they are an integral part of Sikhi.

However, it usually happens that these rituals and customs are contrary to Sikhi and therefore defy the goal of having an Anand Karaj, which is to receive the blessings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Due to a lack of knowledge and awareness of what a “Sikh” marriage should actually be, most people continue to follow the popular culture.

According to Manvir Singh Leamington, A Sikh would like to invite Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to his home, rather than a deity or goddess. Good luck doesn’t exist. Good actions lead to good results. Reciting and singing Gurbani brings blessings. One is embellished according to Gurmat by singing the praises of Vahiguru and living according to the guru’s teachings.

A Sikh wears what pleases the guru, not the respected prophets of another religion. The Guru is glad that a Sikh wears the Panj Kakkaar.

Gurbani does not believe in the concept of the “evil eye” and says that reciting the name of Vahiguru eliminates any evil eyes or bad luck. Secondly, a Sikh lives by the principle of considering all other women as his daughter, sister, or mother. Throughout the history of Sikhs, Sikhs have been known for their high morality, without the help or recall of a Sehra or facial veil.

The union of a Sikh couple in Gurmat is linked by Gurbani and the blessings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji when one bow to the Guru and walks around the Guru to indicate that the Guru is the center of their life. The Union of a Sikh is not made of garlands or necklaces but bound by the guru.

A Sikh bears no symbol of any other religion or belief. A Sikh wears the Panj Kakkaar as a jewel and symbol of his commitment to the guru.


According to  Bhai Manvir Singh, as one acts, he harvests. Throwing rice as a blessing is not Gurmat. To wish someone good luck and give blessings in Sikhi is by reciting Gurbani and doing Simran.

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