Your virtual card!

What is this?

Earn rewards points by recycling

Accumulate points every time you go to the recycling center to drop your waste off, make use of pick-up services or hand what you do not need over to specialized centers

Redeem accumulated points by discounts on municipal taxes, vouchers to use in local businesses or direct payments


Incentivize recycling

Compare yourself with other users through rankings and receive awards and recognition for being one of those who recycle more

Create the card

Open your virtual card

Sign up to create it if you haven't already done so

Once activated you can access it

Add a provider

Add a points provider

Select points provider and add it

Now you can accumulate points for that provider

Accumulate points

Show the QR code to authorized personnel to scan it

Personnel assign the points corresponding to the delivered waste

Refresh the card to see your new points

Redeem points and compare

Request the provider to redeem the points

Or see how you go in the ranking

And compare yourself with other users

Points Providers

Who? Any public or private entity who want to boost recycling,  increase waste collection and use this as a gamification tool (scoring competition, rankgins, awards, etc.)

Second app for assigning points and just used by authorized personnel

Back-office website for managing and export data

Also this could have a impact in other areas: local economy improvement, street cleanliness, citizenship awareness-raising, aligned with 2030 Agenda and SDGs, etc.

Are you interested?

If you would like to have this service in your city/town, register here and we will notify you when it is available

If you are an entity that would like to boost recycling, increase waste collection or use this as a gamification tool, register here and we will give you a demo

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