API testing with Cypress

Marie Drake, Quality Engineering Manager @ Zoopla

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Cypress recap

First Cypress Test

/// <reference types="cypress" />

describe('TodoApp', () => {
  it('should add a new todo successfully', () => {

    cy.get('@addTodo').type('do lunch and learn about Cypress {enter}');
    cy.get('@addTodo').type('have lunch {enter}');

    cy.get('.todo-list').find('li').should('have.length', 2);
      'do lunch and learn about Cypress'

Cypress Test Runner

Now.. let's talk about API testing

API Testing Tools

  • Postman 
  • Newman
  • Supertest
  • Chai-HTTP
  • Rest Assured
  • Karate
  • ... and so much more

Title Text

What if we have 1 tool for both UI and API test automation?

Cypress to the rescue!

Cypress to the rescue!

Advantages of using Cypress to test your APIs

  • Built in support
  • Easy debugging (no more console logs!)
  • Revisit your API state via Cypress test runner - time travel
  • Skills easy to transfer since we are only using 1 tool
  • More buy-in to get developers involve with testing


cy.request(url, body)
cy.request(method, url)
cy.request(method, url, body)

First API test

/// <reference types="cypress" />

describe('Todo API', () => {
  it('returns a JSON data', () => {
      .should('include', 'application/json');

Make a GET request to /todos API endpoint

Check its headers

On the header, check its content type

Assert that it returns a JSON data

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