QA & Introduction

What is Airtable?

  • A user friendly database
  • Long term storage of data
  • A place for your "single source of truth"
  • A central place for automations
  • A place for reports / dashboards
  • + Formulas, Rollups...


  • Long term storage of data
  • Data strictly structured into columns & rows (fields & records)
  • Data reference each other (tables are linked)
  • Advanced filtering & sorting (querying)
  • Each column (field) has a defined structure


  • Preferably short term storage
  • Data freely exist in cells
  • Cells can lookup other cells only
  • Limited filtering & sorting
  • Cells can "inherit" structure from above, but don't have to

Education base

Feedback base

Other bases...

Airtable views

  • A named configuration of filters, sorts, columns that serves a specific purpose
  • All views in the same table refer to and change the same data
  • Create and use views often
  • It's better to create a temporary view than to change someone elses view


  • Meant to remove repetitive work
  • Or improve data quality
  • Or make things more organized

They run...

  • 🕒 In a time interval (weekly feedback forms)
  • ✅ When record matches conditions (Student has graduated ➡️ Send to ATS)
  • 📩 When other system contacts Airtable (ActiveCampaign, TypeForm...)

What do they do...

  • ➕ Create new records (feedback forms)
  • ✏️ Update existing records (syncing data between AC and Airtable)
  • 🔔 Send notifications (Slack, email)

Let's see it in action?

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