Bruits & légumes - Your local food on tour


Versus Virus 2020

#Team 100

The Team #100

Yes, we will... be the first volunteers on the tour!

The General idea

Challenge #24: local food for all

facilitate the access and the distribution of local food to both the consumer and the producer

Learning from the crisis

Food is a basic need

depending on imported products

depending on petrol + a tiny virus

depending of the supermarket (Vector of contamination)

confine us into our home

make us step back on our responsabilities to stay healthy need healty food

small local producers make healty food of inestimable value

but cannot sell it, because markets are closed


Your local food on tour

A valid solution during and after the crisis

The Purpose

but great tasty local food

during and after the crisis

...for the consumer

  • Local food distribution near home
  • Easy access for everyone
  • Fair price and no delivery taxes

...for the local farmers

  • Alternative food distribution (instead of market)
  • New consumers
  • No worries

No hamster food

How does it work for you, dear local producer

How does it work for you, dear consumer?

How does it work for you, dear volunteers

We need two volunteers per tour: one for driving, the other one for collecting and selling.

You just have to follow the tour we will organise for you

..and be rewarded for your help, time and support !

How does it work better for you,

dear Planet


Benefits for rural economies

Change of consumption habits

Promote organic food

Circular economy

Community sense

Food waste management

Reduce CO2 emissions

The Business model

Bruits et légumes

Possibility for digital development

During the crisis

Creation of multiple guerilla initiatives for local food


Solution after the crisis

Centralized but shared platform hosting all existing services and information

--> Customers: it's easy to find what I need now!


Search direct sales by region

Order directly to producers

Information about recurring deliveries

Map of community gardens

Select searched products

Crowdfunding opportunities

Platform with shared access to partners and links to their website for direct information update


Channels Target audience Goals
Music and Website (main) Primary: Primary:
Mailing (general info) -Local producers
-Information about days and locations of deliveries
Local newspapers (ads) Secondary: Secondary:
Social media (ads) -Media
-Public authorities
-Support from local authorities
-New customers and producers

Turnkey solution

1. Find the list of local producers in your area

2. Ask for a vehicle to your network or authorities

3. Find two volonteers (or more!)

4. one local music group for the jingle or a megaphone!


Are you interested?

MARTIGNY REGION - concret exemple