Matt Lockwood Denver - A Serial Entrepreneur And Investor

Matt Lockwood Denver enjoyed thirteen years of professional success in the online retail industry. From taking over the Marketing Department at my first employer to executing a successful turnaround of a troubled business, to finally founding two of my own successful companies, my career in the online retail space has been challenging, interesting, and accomplished.

Matthew Lockwood Colorado is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a background in digital marketing.  Since 2005, he founded and successfully built multiple startups in the online retail space, led a turnaround of a failing online retail company, and has successfully invested in alternative assets.  Through his private investment company, Resilient Capital, he discovered and researched investment opportunities which have returned an annualized performance of approximately 15% since inception in 2010.  His investment focus has been in real estate hard money loans, fix and flips, and farmland.

Matt Lockwood Colorado co-founded in 2005 where he served as the E-commerce Marketing Director.  At Royal, he identified, developed, and executed numerous successful marketing campaigns such as,, Yahoo Shopping,,,, and (later Google Shopping). Matthew Lockwood Denver also achieved significant success with SEO and SEM optimizations achieving top rankings in a large amount of competitive searches.

As a result, Royal grew rapidly, achieving $19M in revenue in 2007.  This resulted in Internet Retailer magazine awarding Royal a ranking of #348 out of the top 500 Online Retail Companies.  Matt left Royal in 2010 after he received a buyout of his shares, and founded Resilient Capital. Matt Lockwood Denver received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology at the University of Colorado, Boulder where he completed significant coursework in Computer Science.

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