Opportunities @ WWU

Getting involved here and beyond

Max Bronsema


Here @ WWU

  • WebTech
  • ResTek
  • Admissions
  • Library
  • Internet Studies Center
  • VU
  • Hackathons
  • Department Projects

Extending opportunity by linking into the greater eco-sphere.

  • Get involved with a community
  • Contribute to that project
  • Build/Help build something yourself

What I look for

Demonstrate the following:

  • A thirst for knowledge
  • Explicit samples of past work
  • Varied interests
  • Team player

Thirst for knowledge

What do you read, watch, follow to stay current?

Explicit samples of past work

For each sample, what did you really do?

Varied Interests

Healthy work-life balance, what is fun for you?

Team Player

How do you demonstrate team work? Working alone effectively is important but so is teamwork.

Thank You

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