MediterraneanCoin (MED) Tipbot on Twitter

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All commands are given using the #MediterraneanCoin hashtag.

Try to tweet something like this:

or like this:

#MediterraneanCoin rulez!!!

#MediterraneanCoin showbalance


To be able to receive responses from the MED TipBot, you need to:

#MediterraneanCoin showbalance

with the showbalance command, the Tipbot will send you your current MediterraneanCoin (MED) balance as a "Direct message".

A Twitter direct message can be read only by you, so for privacy reasons, your MED balance is shown only to you.

If you do not follow user @MEDTipBot, the tipbot cannot send you a direct message!

(because of the anti-spam settings of Twitter! We find this fair!)

When you post a tweet containing the hashtag #MediterraneanCoin, you participate to the MediterraneanCoin Tipbot Lottery!

The three most active users on MediterraneanCoin Twitter and Sina Weibo Tipbots win MED prizes!

Who are the most active Tipbot users right now?

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What MED prizes can I win?

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